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School’s ALMOST out for the summer!

I know I’m gonna regret this in a month (or even less), but I can’t wait for summer break. That reality hit me last night during our bedtime routine when I gleefully (yes really, gleefully) announced “only one more day left.” I felt devastation when I quickly realized that, in fact, there is still one more week to go. I never thought that I would be so excited about summerbreak. One week? One whole week? That is gonna take forever. Sitting here, one week away, I feel done. I’ve had enough! I don’t want to pack another lunch that goes uneaten, I am tired of reading class notes and I don’t want to hear another word about my son’s behaviour or his short attention span. I am done looking for another library book that was thrown under the sofa or making sure that their backpacks are void of any toys or *shutter* Pokemon cards. I am no longer interested in making sure they are up in time and at this point I don’t care if they are 2 minutes late for the 12th time this month. How come the boys are the ones in school, but yet I am the one that needs to be dragged out of bed and spend the first 2 hours of each and every morning dazed and looking very confused? Why am I the one yawning at 4 pm while my kids are still racing around the yard at 9? Where did all their energy come from? Where can I get some?  I, for one, am READY for summer.

Be careful what you wish for…right?

Two things have happened since February. I got to really experience being a full-time mum and I got to experience being a taxi driver. I finally understand. My boys were registered in everything possible; or at least it seemed that way. For the first time ever I got to be a part of it. I got to sit and watch my son do cartwheels and tuck jumps in Gymnastics,  to make sure my son was ready and focused for his Karate class, to help my son practice singing the assigned songs for choir, take pictures of them at concerts and to watch in amazement as they swim length after length every day in the swim club.  I had no idea! For the past 8 years, I have missed out on the coolest job in the world: being a mum.

February started with the birth of son Matteo. He is my Canadian born baby, and with his birth came something that I never got to have before: maternity leave; getting paid to stay home and take care of my baby, all my babies. Woohoo! At first, I was terrified. What if I get bored? What if I can’t handle it? What if I want to do something and I can’t because I have children? What ifs, what ifs, what ifs… my thoughts were filled with them. I have never NOT worked. I have never spent my days at home catering to my family. I have never had the luxury to enjoy my children’s concerts, spend days at their bedside when they were ill or experience all their milestones. In Poland, I wasn’t entitled to maternity leave. My employer needed me, begged me in fact to come back to work as soon as I physically could. I was needed, people were counting on me  so, 3 weeks after my first delivery and 5 weeks after my second I was back in the classroom. No work means no money and financially that wasn’t an option.

But here I am now with a chance to finally stay home and I can honestly say boredom has never been an issue. Even busy is an understatement. I swear, the instant Matteo was born, 16 hours disappeared each day and I have no idea where they went. Being a full-time mum is sure is hard but it is extremely rewarding. And on that note, who knew that being a taxi driver could be so exhausting?

This has been an amazing past few months and I have learned more about my children than I’ve ever imagined both positive and negative, but like school, it’s time for a change; or maybe just a break. A break from all their usual activities, all except swimming. Instead I’m looking forward to sleep-ins, art and crafts, going camping, grill parties with friends, biking and spending lots of time in the outdoors. I love the notion of no schedules. I love that the boys can do sleep-overs whenever they want and that spending all day at the lake doing nothing but relaxing is perfectly acceptable. However, the thing I am most looking forward too is hanging out with my boys, treasuring our moments and catching up on all the things that I’ve missed over the past 8 years. I am most excited about being a full-time mum for the whole summer.

For now anyway…